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History and Philosophy of Voltronics, Inc.


Started in 1965 by Arthur Evans, as a spin-off product line of a larger company, Voltronics, Inc. is a small company that has consistently produced custom, precision wire wound and conductive plastic potentiometers for OEMs and Users featuring rugged durability, high quality and solid service.


In 1988, two years after the death of Mr. Evans, Ed Hedeen purchased the company from Mr. Evans' heirs. With Mr. Hedeen's 25 years experience with a Fortune 100 company and spin-off IPOs, and long time Voltronics employee, Claudia Panos -Vice President and General Manager, the company installed continuous improvement programs that significantly enhanced processes for quality, innovation, customer services and cost controls (no set-up, engineering or minimum order charges). These elements combined provide a value package that is unmatched in the industry.

Voltronics, Inc. pursues excellence daily - from business practices, product quality and service to each relationship with customers, suppliers and employees.


We don't want to be just your best supplier of potentiometers. We want to be the best supplier you will ever work with in any industry.

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