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V400000-Series C-1062-3

V400000 C-1062.jpg



Mountings Available: Bushing Servo Screw

Mechanical Travel: 360° (Cont.)

Taps Available, MAX: 1

Starting Torque, Ball: .2 oz/in.

Sleeve: .5 oz/in.

Running Torque, Ball: .2 oz/in.

Sleeve: .3 oz/in.

Ambient Temperature Range, C°: -55 to 105

Life Expectancy, (Rotations) STD.: 50,000

Life Expectancy, (Rotations) MAX.: 1,000,000

Dimensions, STD. (Options Available)

Housing Diameter, O.D.: 1.062"

Shaft Diameter: .250"

Shaft Length: Optional

Number if Cups, per Assembled Gang, MAX: 6



Resistance, Range, STD. Ohms: 15-50K

Resistance Range, MAX. Ohms: 150K

Resistance Tolerances, STD.:  5%

Resistance Tolerance, MIN. Practical: 1%

Linearity (independent): .5%

Linearity, MIN. Practical: .3%

Power Rating, Watts. STD.: 2W

Power Rating, Watts MAX.: 3W

Dielectric Strength: 750V

Electrical Travel, STD.: 320° ± 3°

Electrical Travel, MAX.: 354° ± 2°

Noise, MAX. Ohms: 80

Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C): 20

Insulation Resistance, Megohm: 1000

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